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As I enter my 18th month of Crossfit, I look back and wonder how I could be doing the things I am doing.   I have lost 50+ pounds since starting crossfit, I can run upwards of 4 miles, one year ago I wouldn’t attempt to walk that many.   I am fitter, stronger than I have ever been in my life and I owe it all to Crossfit.   No other workout (lifestyle) has ever produced these kinds of results and I see it happening all around me at MCCF.  The hardest part of this journey was walking into the box the very first time, now I want to go every day.

Mike Knowles

Westbrook, CT




I’ve struggled with my weight fluctuating for years. I’ve tried different diets; Nutrisystem, Weight Watchers & South Beach, as well as different types of exercise and classes, a treadmill, free weights, BodyPump & Spin, all of which were inconsistent and uninspiring. It wasn’t until I joined MidCoast CrossFit that I finally took control of my life, my fitness and my diet. I have now been consistent with exercise for over 2 years. I’ve also learned all about Paleo and Clean Eating through MidCoast and have been able to go from a size 14 to a size 8. This is a transformation that I didn’t think was possible. I am now in my mid-40s and wearing a bikini again. I have finally found a way to stay fit that I actually can say I love. I love CrossFit and I love my CrossFit Family!

Deb Terschuren

Old Saybrook, CT




REASON STARTED: Sluggish, over weight, ex Division I soccer player, 4kids, two jobs wanted to find something that married his competitive juices with fitness. What gets measured, gets done.

STARTED: March 20, 2011. WEIGHT: 237 lbs
I never imagined that I’d find such tremendous peace while taking my body to new heights. The programming of Crossfit in combination with terrific box leadership has helped me push myself to achieve easily measurable achievements. Crossfit is part of my lifestyle and routine and everyday I look forward to getting my body and mind to a better place.

I think my favorite aspect of Midcoast Crossfit is the quality of membership. We come in all shapes and sizes and dispositions, but in the end we are all there for one another. It’s a tremendous culture of respect and hardwork. I look forward to my every workout because I know it’s as much about watching the success of the people you are working out with as much as your own small victories.

MEASURED SUCCESS: When I started I couldn’t do one pull up. Through Elayne’s careful instruction and guidance I went from jumping pull-ups off a wooden box TO band pull ups (Blue and Green) to one band (RED) TO one pull up TO ‘Kipping pull ups’ TO a WOD several weeks back where I did 105 pullups. I could have never imagined this kind of growth or success when I started. Several weeks before that I did my first sub 6 minute mile in 20 years.

FAVORITE MOVEMENT(s): Wall Balls, Tire Flips, HSPUs


1 Mile Run THEN Tire Flips the Length of Building
1 Mile Run THEN 30 Deadlifts (185)
1 Mile Run THEN 30 Pull-ups
1 Mile Run THEN 30 OHS (135)
1 Mile Run THEN 30 Power Cleans (135)
1 Mile Run THEN 30 Burpees

56 minutes, 17 seconds. Take that!!! Thank you Elayne!!!!

And I could have never imagined that I would do a workout called CLOVIS

For time:
Run 10 miles
150 Burpee pull-ups

Partition the run and burpee pull-ups as needed.

Well, it took about 1:45 but what a great sense of satisfaction.

Everyday I look forward to making progress and working with all the people that make it that much more rewarding. My wife joined last year and now my kids do the Crossfit kids workouts. It’s something we enjoy as a family and more than anything it’s a lifestyle that we can carry forward. Good friends, Good health.

I lost 25 lbs but it’s not the weight that matters but the pursuit of what works for you. Everything can be modified or altered to meet your own respective goals. This is a dynamic place that can be tailored to fit what works for you. Thanks Elayne for all you do for our family.


Killingworth, CT

Two and a half years ago my husband and I began our Crossfit journey. We had both been exercising on a regular basis but our exercise routines paled in comparison to our Crossfit workouts. We used to believe that you had to do at least 60 minutes of cardio a day to see results. We were skeptical of the “short” crossfit workouts. Boy were we wrong. For the first time in a long time we were really tired and really sore (in a good way, of course). Not long after we began working out at Midcoast, we started to look and feel better. My husband has lost nearly 30 pounds and I have lost 10. Why does it work? How is it so different from conventional gyms/workout routines? We quickly realized that Midcoast Crossfit is more than a place to “workout”. It truly is a lifestyle that inspires a sense of “team” and “community”. Our four little girls quickly became interested in crossfit as well. Our 10 year old is completely hooked. She can’t get enough of the kids classes and she has jumped in on the regular classes as well! As parents, we cannot imagine a healthier lifestyle for our kids. To learn at an early age that exercise can be fun and rewarding is a gift.

Awhile back I embraced the Crossfit “paleo challenge”. I wasn’t looking to lose pounds or inches (although I am happy to say I lost both!) but rather to improve overall nutrition and health. I have struggled with high cholesterol my entire life. I was diagnosed with high “bad” cholesterol (LDL) when I was 11 years old. As early as last year, my Doctor was ready to prescribe statins to control my out of control LDL level. I refused to be medicated for my condition and decided to follow the paleo diet. Last month my cholesterol results read “normal”! I have successfully lowered my LDL by 63 points by following the crossfit/paleo lifestyle. I cannot thank Elayne and Midcoast crossfit enough for their continued support and encouragement! Midcoast is a special place full of special people. I feel blessed to have found it!


Killingworth, CT


It took me two years to finally commit to CrossFit. When I was first introduced I knew that it was a kind of work-out that really had appeal to me. It was intense, fun and very different from the weight machine circuits and cardio I was used to doing at the regular gym. I knew that if I was going to sign up I would have to give it my all and it took me a long time to decide that I was willing to go for it. But in the spring of 2012 I began having health problems. I was overweight, tired, sluggish and I was suffering from terrible GI pain. I knew that I had to make some serious lifestyle changes.

In August 2012 I finally signed up for on-ramp classes and at the same time began following the Paleo diet. It was tough at first; the dietary changes required giving up some of my favorite foods. The workouts were intense and a little intimidating but more than anything I found them extremely rewarding. Even when I felt I could not possible do another rep I pushed through and the satisfaction of finishing was worth every drop of sweat. I started off slow, with light weights, scaling my workouts and repeated in my head “It’s only me against me”. I made CrossFit part of my weekly routine and gradually gained more and more strength. After nearly a year at MidCoast CrossFit and living a Paleo lifestyle, I am thrilled to say I am stronger and skinnier that I have ever been in my adult life. I have lost 50 pounds and I have more strength and endurance than I did when I rowed crew in college.

When people ask how I have lost weight and gotten in shape I joke that I played and ate my way to health, which is the honest truth. My time at the box is my playtime, a part of my day that I look forward to with great anticipation and the Paleo diet has never left me hungry, it has just been making the right food choices. I can’t recommend MidCoast CrossFit enough. Right from the beginning the coaches and other members have been extremely supportive. I am so thankful for this community that I belong to and how it has helped transform my life.

Taia Cesana

Essex, C