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Tony asked me if I would mind posting a testimonial for him. His love for MCCF runs deep and we could not say enough about how happy we are that he’s here! Thank you for the kind words Tony!

I am 51 years old and I can’t thank the coaches enough at Midcoast CrossFit. This year, I had a total knee replacement and three and a half weeks later I returned to the box! Everyone adjusted workouts for me to keep me going and get my leg back in shape. Six weeks after surgery and my PT place still had me scheduled for a month. I walked in one day and they told me that my CrossFit workouts are so good that I’m all done with PT and that they were cancelling that last month of appointments.
Thanks so much to everyone for putting up with me and getting me back into shape quick. This place rocks . This is the place to be to get in shape without getting injured!
Rock on,
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We have had a lot of busy members in the past two weeks! Let’s start with the 8 people we had that participated in the Wod-a-thon at Schedule II CrossFit. First I’d like to give this box in East Hampton,CT a huge shout out for a very successful, very well run and super fun event! Great job Schedule II!

Tony – 24 Hours (7pm-7pm)
Ginny – 12 Hours (3am-3pm)
Pam – 12 Hours (7am-7pm)
Casey – 12 Hours (7am-7pm)
Spedding (Kevin) – 12 Hours (7am-7pm)
Michelle – 12 Hours (7am-7pm)
Maggie – 12 Hours (7am-7pm)
Mada (Chris) – 6 Hours (1pm-7pm)

This is the list of athletes that we had go and they all performed awesome!!!! The WOD’s all looked so fun yet challenging and the atmosphere looked friendly and fun! Some of the highlights that I heard about were just awesome….

Death By Burpees was won at 19 rounds by non other than our Masters coach, Maggie! It was a race to the finish against one of the owners of their box but our girl pulled it off! Amazing!

In the sit-up competition, the last 4 teams consisted of 7 MCCF members (Pam/Michelle) (Mada/Tony) (Casey/Mags) (Spedding/an athlete named Joe from Schedule II) with Spedding and Joe pulling it off for the win! So proud of our box!

Ginny, who called ahead to make special arrangements to be there from 3am to 3pm PR’d her Bear Complex and was able to PR life by then racing out the door to be there for her daughter’s prom! Nice work!

We could not be more proud of all of our athletes for showing up for a great cause and for performing the way we always know you can – Amazingly!


This past weekend, we had our own Wendell Webber go to NJ to take on a challenge that most would never imagine. For the second year in a row he took on “3 Days at the Fair. This is a huge event that has some people running for 3 days on a one mile track and went a total distance of 77 miles in a 24 hour period of time. That is dedication to your sport. Great job Wendell, we were all cheering you on from home!

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Once again, we have been asked to help Ellie Wiese with her volunteer project and we couldn’t be more excited! “Wodding for a Reason in Every Season” is back and this time we are helping Wounded Warriors!

Save the date for our “Memorial Day Murph”! We are doing it a day early on Sunday, May 28th at 9:00am.

There will be no Endurance WOD at 8:00 that day but there will still be CrossFit Kids at 8:00!

We will have an option for full Murph alone or 1/2 Murph Partner Style! And for those die-hard’s out there……Don’t forget your weighted vest……

This is something you don’t want to miss!
Details of the charity to follow!

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“Grit is that ‘extra something’ that separates the most successful people from the rest. It’s the passion, perseverance, and stamina that we must channel in order to stick with our dreams until they become a reality.” – Travis Bradberry

The Georgia Death Race is a point-to-point ultramarathon trail race in North Georgia. The race is 68ish miles  with close to 40,000 feet of elevation change, starting at Vogel State Park and finishing at Amicalola Falls State Park. Our own Wendell Webber qualified for this very elite race. He got himself a coach and a program and trained for this race as hard as I have ever seen anyone train for anything. All fall and winter long, Wendell would take to the road and to many parks for trails and run more mileage in a day than some run in a week. On April 1st, Wendell took on this challenge that most would never even dream of trying. His time and effort, determination and passion are remarkable and make him a true athlete to look up to.

I asked Wendell to recap the whole experience. Here is what he had to say…

” I went to a pre-race meeting with 200 + other nut jobs I mean hardcore ultra athletes at 5:30 and manged to get back to my room at 7:30 and went to bed. I had to get up at midnight to get to a shuttle to the start by 2:00am in a school bus the woman driving was shocked not only how far we were running but “in the woods…with the critters?!”
At mile 2 or 3 while it was still dark I started feeling my foot sliding in my shoe and thought it was weird because I always have a ritual before a race part of which is making sure my shoe is tied correctly. During my first climb It tore all the way leaving my foot exposed and falling out. The first station at mile 8 didn’t have duct tape so I had to make it to mile 15 to get tape which was after my biggest climb straight up a 4250′ mountain. Mile 13 aid station had some duct tape and that lasted me about 5 or 6 miles but at mile 21.5 the aid station had a big roll of duck tape that i just really used a good portion of. Having to really be cautious how I stepped made the race mentally very hard and but more stress on my left side so I had some pain issues in my knee but I was still moving ok.
I ran for a while with some others not having their best race ever it heartened me a little that one was a two time finisher and another a Western States 100 competitor. We laughed about what we were going through and the various body functions failing us like we had know each other for ever. Still smiling through it all. Mile 47 was yet another climb and I was still moving a few dropped out at this point and one great runner I was trading back and forth’s with injured his Achilles and that was a mental blow. The Western States runner said whose going to run with me I said I will and we started on the trek to the mile 54 aid station. I was starting to really hurt during this period my knee hurt pretty bad and my hands swelled to twice there size which I’m sure had to do with hydration and heat. My pace was slowing and I started to have stomach issues but I kept pushing. I was dark at this point and at one point I shut off my headlamp and it was so beautiful every star and a bright crescent moon. I realized at this moment I had no fear of being out there it was really powerful.
As I approached mile 54 I saw a headlamp coming my way and knew it was a bad sign. The aid station volunteer said I had missed the cut off and my race was over it hurt a lot. Especially knowing my 2nd pair of shoes were in a drop bad just feet away. My race was done at 10:40 it sounds odd when you still had 20 miles left but that was the home stretch and I felt I could have made it. They led me over a fire that felt really good and offered me moonshine which I refused knowing I would probably land in the fire but took the beer they offered. They took me back to the finish where my car was it hard seeing people was come in. I made it to bed at 2 am and collapsed. I woke up ate breakfast and drove 17 hours home. That’s a long time to think of shoulda coulda wouldas’.

It was a brutal race the elevation was crazy but it was really pretty and what better way to see a place. My coach gave me this later “Dude. I am so bummed for you. I know how bad you wanted that finish. You were by far one of my most consistent clients. I saw how hard you trained this winter. There are a bunch of extremely experienced runners that I know who commented on the race being just as hard, if not harder then most 100’s that they have done. You absolute did not let me down. You pushed as long as you could. I hope you get right back in the saddle soon and put this one behind you. Take some rest and let’s chat soon. I am here when ready. ” it helped a lot.”

Wendell, the fact that you even dared to dream about this race and then have the courage to follow through makes you an absolute role model for your family, friends and all of the athletes at MidCoast CrossFit.

Congratulations on your AMAZING accomplishment!

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MCCF had a great get together on Friday night to celebrate the efforts of our athletes during the 2017 CrossFit Opens. Major thanks and kudos to Coach Kevin for making this all happen. Besides the food, beverages and laughter we celebrated those who signed up for the Opens and gave it there all. Coach Kevin and Coach Maggie touched upon each of these people during our awards ceremony in which every athlete received a medal made out of an RX Bar 🙂 Below is a list of our athletes and what was said about them minus a few great stand up comic moments.


  1. This athlete is amazingly determined and never gives up regardless of what’s in front of her. A smaller athlete, the weights in our Workouts or the Opens might intimidate other athletes of her size, but she always accepts the challenge. She’s also one of our kindest and most congenial athletes – Heather Chase



  1. This athlete has to be considered one of our female Rookies of the Year. She has an incredible spirit like many of our athletes she never gives up. She works hard with a smile on her face, and her joy is contagious – Beth Borden


  1. This athlete is our male most improved athlete of the year. He never gives up, or gives in and he has steadily improved his strength and stamina. He’s a kind soul and a good friend. If only he would swear now and again – Ed Kerrigan.


  1. This athlete is one of our coaches and he is definitely an impressive athlete. His has a huge heart, he’s very kind, but he has a little teeny tiny…ego, which really makes him a pleasure to be around. One of the most humble athletes I’ve ever met – Gabe Chase


  1. This is a truly remarkable athlete, whether he’s lifting over on the Canadian metric side, or doing WOD’s over here in the U.S. He’s extremely strong, and is constantly improving. He’s always willing to help a friend improve and never fails to bring out the best in those around him – Chris Myers


  1. Beyond being an impressive athlete, and one who has made incredible progress since he first started here at Midcoast Crossfit, this athlete has an infectious sense of humor. He is one of the driest, wittiest, and tallest people I know here at Midcoast. He’s also continuously inspiring, challenging, and even daring fellow athletes to do their best and beyond – Mike Knowles


  1. This is one of our strongest and toughest Master’s Athletes, he is in fact one of our strongest athletes regardless of age. He constantly shows great determination, and he too pushes his friends to do their best regardless of the workout or circumstances. He’s someone I’d always want to be on my side when facing a challenge – Jeff Festa


  1. This is one of our most consistently outstanding athletes. He’s always working hard and pushing himself to the absolute limit of his abilities. His Opens performances are always very impressive, and he is one of our most exciting athletes to watch. He is also one half of one of Midcoast’s cutest couples – Frank Chan


  1. This truly amazing athlete is someone who can and sometimes does crush an Opens WOD not once, but two or three times, and then will apologize for using foul language. She never quits, and continually pushes the athletes around her. Her growth since joining Midcoast has been impressive to witness, and she has the potential to go a long way in future Opens– Liz Lynde


  1. This athlete would have to be our male division Rookie of the Year. He regularly crushes workouts, and did so in the opens as well. He’s only been Crossfitting for a few months and he has improved at lightning speed.   I really cant imagine how far he’ll go next year – Erik Johnson



  1. This athlete is one of our classiest and smartest athletes. He’s kind, considerate, and he’s always full of good will toward fellow athletes. He has a never say die attitude, and often inspires those around him to do their very best and take on new challenges – Rob Artus


  1. This athlete is another who would absolutely run through a brick wall for a friend. She shows constant determination and an iron will. Regardless of the challenge, she will not give up until she accomplished what she has set out to do. She always has positive comment and kind word and really inspires those around her – Hadley Kornacki


  1. For this athlete there’s not much to say but, endless potential, boundless energy, exceptional athlete, and good human being. This athlete has the potential to go as far as he chooses in Crossfit, yet has a humble demeanor. This is not something seen every day, and this humility is probably a better quality than any of his athletic qualities – Jordan Butler.


  1. This athlete never ever, ever, ever, ever, never, ever, gives up. She is determined and tenacious, and she will work on a skill until she has it. She is also one of our most well spoken athletes, extremely kind and probably performs the best wedding ceremonies of any of our athletes – Dana Stivers (also one half of another of our cutest couples)


  1. This guy is just so tough I just don’t have the words to describe it, however he is also a very kind and sensitive soul. He’s always happy to help you out, and I know he’s helped many people in our box not only achieve PR’s but also achieve more far reaching goals- Mike Petruzzello


  1. This athlete is a newer addition to the Midcoast Crossfit family. She is another outstanding athlete who is also very humble. Day after day she comes to the box and crushes workouts. She also regularly attends clinics and makes improvements with just the smallest cues and coaching advice. She finished 20th in the state this year, and I’m sure she’ll do even better next year – Casey O’Brien


  1. This is one of our early morning athletes and he’s done amazing things since starting here at Midcoast. He’s made great improvements, consistently PR’s, but most importantly he continually encourages those around him and inspires all of the athletes around him to do their best – Chris Santisiero


  1. This is another of our never say die athletes. He is here at the box day in and day out constantly doing his best and encouraging those around him. Regardless of what he’s facing in a WOD or an Open’s workout, he never gives up and always pushes himself beyond what might seem like his limit – David Avery


  1. This athlete also works amazingly hard and does a great job. She’s here consistently giving it her all and never quits. She is another of our athletes who, no matter the challenge, refuses to give up, and rises to the occasion. This year she completed her first complete RX Opens. She constantly pushes through her limits, and always has a kind work for other athletes – Liz Reemsnyder.



  1. This athlete is pretty good for her size. What she does not have in altitude, she makes up for in attitude. Regardless of the weights involved she will never quit an opens workout. She continually inspires all of us with her effort and perseverance, and she smashed this year’s opens without even training for them, finishing 11th in the state in her division. She is the heart and soul of our masters program and continually motivates us to do our best no matter what. This super athlete is non other than coach Maggie. – Maggie Machado



  1. This athlete is our male “Spirit of the Games” athlete. He is always there for his fellow athletes showing great sportsmanship and support. He has been described by a fellow athlete and “someone who’d run through a brick wall for you – Chris Mada


  1. This athlete is our female “Spirit of the Games” athlete. She is always positive, kind, humble, and extremely supportive. Talk to her for a few minutes and she’ll convince you that you can conquer the world – Pam Parker


Coach Kevin went on to say…..

“I also want to give a big shout out to all of the coaches who made the Opens happen for us this year; Wendell, Elayne, Zach, Kristin, Sean, Maggie, Gabe, Riky, and Mike. Not only in judging us on the day of our workout, but by providing tips and training to help keep us fit and strong through the entire year. Your efforts are greatly appreciated, and also to our friends Chris Cirilli and Tori Campbell who step in when needed to help coach or judge an athlete during the Opens.

Finally to everyone else whose workouts were disrupted for five weeks, you too are much appreciated, and so is your amazing support. No matter what an athlete’s goal, whether it’s to better last year’s performance, or PR, or finally beat that guy from Shoreline Crossfit who you’ve been chasing for five years who has always been a jerk to you whenever you meet…or well whatever your goal is, the tremendous support from our other members really helps. So special honorable mention to Tony, Ginny and Donna for being the most supportive of supporters.”

Kevin only forgot one person in his speech and that was himself so I will correct that. Our humble and supportive coach made huge strides this year through hard work and that showed in his placement on the leader board for Master Athletes 50-55. 636th in the world, 56th in the Northeast, and 9th in Connecticut for the opens.

Awesome job this year Midcoast! Please if you are on the fence about signing up next year its highly encouraged regardless of skill level!